Thursday, March 8, 2012

But You're So Tall!

Hi, my name is Jane and I'm unhealthy.  Most people who know me will roll their eyes when they read that line.  I'm known as the girl who is always active and training for some kind of race, and when I complain about gaining weight, I always hear "but you're so tall!".  And they're right, I am tall.  Topping out at 5'11" I have been lucky enough over the years to hide my rising weight well, but my luck has run out.  Not only are my "fat jeans" too tight, but I've been experiencing acid reflux (as a result of too much fat in my mid-section pushing on my innards), I can't do the activities I'm used to with the same comfort and ease, and (on a vain note) I hate the way I look.  I look at myself and see the result of laziness and that is not something I value.  I know I can do better. 

So, yesterday, after a visit to my favorite family doctor who told me (with almost a straight face) that I didn't have a 50-pound tumor that I could blame the weight gain on, I drove straight to Weight Watchers (WW) and signed myself up.  I've tried WW before and quit when life got too crazy, but I'm committed this time.  In school the professors are always telling us that we need to be good examples of health if we want to help other people, and I've taken that to heart - I don't want to be a hypocrite.

Today is my first day following the PointsPlus system and I'm fairly confident that I won't starve.  The good part about being overweight is that you get a lot of points!  I get 36 per day, plus a weekly allotment of 49 points that I can spread out over the week, use all at once, or not use at all.  I also get more points if I exercise, so I'll be walking on the track at school after class tonight.  Oh, and exercise is supposed to be good for you, or something, so I guess that's a good reason to do it, too. 

Every week I will be posting a message about how I did at my weigh-in and my views on how my week went.  I will also be posting the results of my weekly weigh-ins.  I've debated this in my head and have determined that, as embarrassing it will be to tell you all how much I currently weigh, I think it will be a good motivator to stay on track.  So, here it is...

3/7/12 - 225.4 pounds


  1. Girl, I am so proud of you! This is a great way to hold yourself accountable. I wish you the best of luck on your journey! If you want to try to take a zumba class or a yoga class I'd be happy to join you. I've been wanting to this for a long time but I am so clumsy and uncoordinated it worries me!

  2. You go girl! I'll be following you and rooting for you all the way. Being also 5'11", I know all about the "But you're so tall" comments. Maybe reading about your successes will encourage me to lose some weight as well!

  3. YEAH! I will be checking in and I'll be keeping you posted about my fight to get my pre-babies, gravity sticken body back.
    I believe in you!

  4. Good luck. Kiley and I are walking just about everyday if you ever want to join us.